We have a mental health story and journey to share.  Do you think our wellness journey whatever that may be will help others?  Why not hear our story of how we have helped others to help themselves. No one has to struggle alone....

People ask me how they could begin to be more aware, understanding and compassionate. I've been public speaking a for over 30 years, from half a dozen to a crowd of over 1,700.  I've been asked how my journey started and how I've reached to where I am today.  It’s different for everyone.

I also do any personal or group speaking as a personal coach and can suggest some really good resources to help you get on your way.

We can have a bit of fun along the way, using anecdotes, metaphors, analogies, stories and hands-on activities including guided meditation. 

Trust me, I know. But once recovery has started, fun needs to be an important wellness tool just as much as exercise and sleep.