At a crossroads? Looking for a career change?

What are the valued-based goals that you find hard to commit to?

(Work-Life Balance and Stress in the Workplace)


Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing in the workplace

When many people think of wellness they most often think of physical health.  However, an overall sense of balance and fulfilment depends on more than just being physically healthy. Emotional wellness means that you have developed a healthy awareness and acceptance of your emotions.  It means that you can allow yourself to feel your emotions without being completely overtaken by them.

Clients have used their sessions to focus on: 

  • Work-Life Balance
  • Priority Action Planning
  • Career  Direction
  • Reducing unhealthy habits

Strong mental health equips us all with the necessary resources for us to thrive both at home and in the workplace. With an estimated one in four adults likely to experience mental health problems at some time in their lives (NHS  2012), it's important to proactively identify the signs, increase prevention and provide useful strategies to help us all to manage, accept, adapt to the many demands of today's hectic lifestyle.


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