Mental Health Awareness Week is rapidly approaching (from the 14th to 20th of May). The focal point for this year is Mental Health in the workplace - highlighting Mental Health, particularly in the workplace is a force for change. A recent study from the Mental Health Foundation found 1 in 6.8 people experience mental health problems in the workplace and it is a known fact that stress is a huge contributing factor in mental health issues.

As specialists in transforming organisations into mentally healthy workplaces, as members of The Stress Management Society we can assist your organisations journey through not only providing workshops and training, increasing employee motivation and happiness levels, but also by ensuring everyone within your organisation feels valued and supported through promotional tools.

So, what can we do to reduce the pressures people are facing in the corporate and professional environment and how can we ensure that they are freely able to discuss their mental health?

The perfect way to communicate about mental health, raising awareness of the issue, exploring the causes and cures of Mental health, would be by creating desk drops, or using other promotional materials to help promote mental health throughout the week of May. We can help you create Stress Mood Cards, which can be branded with your organisations details, colours and logos and can include details such as your EAP.

Research has shown that company branded Stress Mood Cards generate 3 times more awareness than conventional branded marketing products, so they are a great way to link a mentally healthy workplace with your brand and effectively engage employees. These portable, pocket sized stress testing products can be branded with your logo, wellbeing messages and relevant support resources to create a memorable campaign. With prices starting as low as 0.23p per card depending on quantity, The Stress Management Society’s Mood Cards offer the best value in the market.

You can find out more information, request some samples or order the cards today by emailing

We can also help you implement Mental Health First Aid within your organisation and provide workshops surrounding Managing a mentally healthy workplace. Developing your senior management teams, managers and employees is critical if you want to establish mentally healthy workplace, so contact us or direct to if you would like to know more.