Relaxation techniques 

Relaxation – how can it help me in a moment of dilemma? I imagine your life as a container, a glass jar perhaps that sometimes gets cracked with fear or unpleasantness, or at times the lid can come off completely.  How do I get this jar repaired? I look to relaxation and mindfulness.


“Mindfulness” has become quite a buzzword in the West in recent years, but in fact it is an ancient Buddhist concept in origin, based on the Zen Buddhist idea of bringing the mind’s attention as fully as possible to everything we do. The alternative is that we do things on “automatic pilot” while thinking and then get caught in unhelpful thinking habits.


We all live with change.   Changes are happening all the time and we usually cope with the daily changes in our lives with small adjustments.  A change in the weather may mean we put on more suitable clothing or change our plans for the day.  Be like the sky and just notice the weather changing and drifting by, don’t struggle with things out of your control, the only thing you can control is your behaviour.

Walking for mental health

In these rain soaked days, it is difficult to imagine that the sun will come out again and help us feel that spring is really on its way. Often all we want to do when the weather is unpleasant is stay indoors and watch TV, and we crave sweet or stodgy foods. Walking mindfully using all 5 senses gives you time to heal and boost energy.

Beating the mid-winter blues

For many people, January is a difficult month; it is still mid-winter, the days are still short, and the weather is often cold and bleak. Even those who may have looked forward to Christmas or other mid-winter festivals and enjoyed the family gatherings these festivals entailed now find the festivities behind them. Every day is a new day to start again on your new year’s resolutions, goals and change of lifestyle.

Positive Psychology

I wonder if, like me in the past, when you read something that goes along the lines of “Just practising doing this (insert word, thought or action) three times a day will change your life forever” puts you immediately into a “rubbish, it can’t be true” state? However, there is evidence that Mindfulness can rewire your brain patterns.