Teen Coaching

Concerned Parents (Parents)

I am very grateful for the tools Ian and Lesley gave both my husband and I to be able to understand and work with our daughter. She has been experiencing panic attacks and severe anxiety. Unable to put words to her feelings we found we were equipped to come from different angles to actually help her. At one time she would spend most of her time in her room, suffering in silence but not now. We have learnt to understand her more and that has made a huge difference. We took a holiday where we knew it would really challenge her but she pulled through and boarded onto a 7 hour flight with no panic attack’s in sight. We are so thankful to both Lesley and Ian for challenging us as parents to step up and be the best help we could be to our precious daughter. We now hear laughter in the house and we look forward to a great future for her. Challengers may come but we feel more equipped to hit them straight on. Thank you again guys, your the best x  


Hilary & Rob (Married)

Although we hate to cancel tomorrow's session, we are delighted to inform you that we are really pulling together and having useful conversations and we feel closer than we have in many years.  We would like to thank you for your superb input and would not hesitate in recommending your service.  

Executive Coaching

James W (MortgageBroker)

I just wanted to personally thank you for all that you have done for me this year. I came to you feeling extremely low and fragile, suffering from major anxiety. Through out this year we have worked together and now I am entering 2018 a different person. Your friendship and experience has been essential to me finding my inner strength again. I am more aware of my own self mental health and use many of the techniques that you have shared with me to combat my anxiety. Although I was nervous at first, you put me at ease and without knowing it my confidence and awareness of me came flooding back. I would recommend anyone with similar issues to spend time with you and learn like I have about ACT.  

Anxiety Treatment

Sarah K (ComplimentaryTherapist)

Thank you both for making a difference in my life, you two will always have a special place in my heart. Will miss you both very much and the group too. I will never forget you both and what valuable tools you have given me for the future for life to put in my mental toolbox.

Weight Management

Karen E (Manager)

It's quite difficult to put into words what a difference Ian has made to my life in relation to weight loss because his approach is very different to what I have experienced before. We have  dealt with the issues (demons too) in my mind that dictate the relationship I have with not only food but the people around me.

Bereavement Coaching

Dianne F (Trauma)

When I first took the decision to contact Ian at Mindworks I thought I'd been doing a pretty good job by myself of trying to get over and understanding my problems and related feelings, but I knew that I needed a bit of help with the fine tuning - the final crossing of T's and dotting of the I's, as I like to put it. And I feel that's exactly what he's doing for me.

Depression Treatment

Glenn T (Artist)

Mindworks is the one constant thing my life that makes me feel good and better about myself. I feel more valued and respected as an individual than ever before, particularly in a work capacity. My family and close friends have stated  that they see a sparkle and passion back within me every time I talk about it - things that have been buried for so long.

Wellbeing Support Group

Raymond S (Engineer)

A while ago you asked me why I come to Mindworks group, and what I have gotten from it. I am glad that you asked these questions because it has helped me to clarify some of my issues. The reasons why I continue coming is due to a few bout of depression. My depression generates awful feelings of loneliness and worthlessness, if I am not invited anywhere I will not go anywhere. I find relief from these symptoms by coming to the group, I now feel as if I'm doing something worthwhile, there is a feeling of belonging and respect and caring.