Guided Self-Help

One-to-one support to access self-help materials

Who is this service for?

Anyone experiencing mild to moderate anxiety or depression, stress or insomnia.


What does it involve?

As guided self-help coaches we provide one-to-one support to enable you to make positive changes in your life that will allow you to better manage your issues now and in the future.


How long does it take?

You will have an initial assessment lasting around one hour, then further sessions Usually weekly to fortnightly as you are encouraged to work through personalised self-help materials in between sessions.


What happens in  a session?

– We will work with you on an individual basis:

– Listening and talking to you about your concerns

– Identifying with you your priorities for the sessions

– Support you to understand the issues you have and how they are affecting you

– Introduce you to a range of self-help materials

– Guide you in how to use them effectively

– Help you to make positive and practical changes


“I felt I was trapped in a vicious circle and had no way of changing how depressed I was feeling. I now know ways I can stop this and have tools to help me manage my feelings.”