Anonymous, Confidential, Convenient.

Counselling or therapy is the process of a professionally qualified specialist listening to you and giving guidance for the mental health issues and challenges in your life. There is a vast body of research and evidence proving that counselling is one of the best ways to deal with the challenges that life throws at you. Counselling from a qualified professional is a natural, drug-free way to deal with the root causes of problems, not just their surface-level symptoms.

It’s just talking to someone who knows how to help.

Online counselling can be extremely effective for overcoming: sadness, worry, stress, addiction, phobias, relationship problems, self-confidence issues, and many more challenges that are perfectly normal for human beings to experience.

We all experience difficulties in our lives from time to time, but many of us do not look to others for support because of fear, pride, and other reasons. Family and friends can listen and be helpful sometimes, but counsellors and therapists are professionally qualified to help people overcome these exact challenges, and live happier lives.

Why online therapy is so effective

Having an online therapist is like having your own personal coach for your mind, that you can access and contact at any time, whenever life throws a challenge at you. At the click of a button, they can be there for you, watch over you, and help you look after your mental state – the most precious asset that we have.

Thousands more people every day are realising the benefits of online therapy over conventional in-person therapy, and are seeking counsellors online to talk to at their own convenience.

Not only is online counselling more convenient and easier to access, but it has also been scientifically shown to be as effective, and sometimes more effective than in-person counselling.

At Mindworks, our mission is to remove the prejudice surrounding psychological health problems, and connect all the people who can give guidance, to everyone who could benefit from it. We believe that online therapy is by far the most effective, convenient and easiest way to do this.